Director Taika Waititi started developing BOY soon after finishing his award-winning short Two Cars, One Night. It first emerged as a film called Choice and was accepted into the Sundance Writer's Lab in 2005, where Taika workshopped it with script writers Frank Pierson (Dog Day Afternoon), Susan Shilliday (Legends of the Fall), David Benioff (Troy) and Noami Foner (Running On Empty). Instead of making BOY his first film, Waititi went on to make Eagle vs Shark and continued to develop the screenplay over the next 3 years. 

BOY was filmed in Waihau Bay in the Bay of Plenty, where Waititi grew up. The film is inspired by "true and imagined memories". Says Waititi, "Part of what makes this film distinct is the humour; I want to explore the painful comedy of growing up and interpreting the world. I believe that despite our faults and inadequacies, through all pain and heartache, there is still room to laugh. I think that’s what makes my films different, the feeling that although there is often darkness, there are also little bits of light to encourage hope and hold on to possibility."


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Colour, Dolby Digital, 1.85:1
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Whenua Films
In Competition - Sundance Film Festival 2010; Grand Prix - Best Feature Film Generation K Plus; Berlin International Film Festival 2010; Audience Award - Sydney Film Festival 2010; Audience Award - Melbourne Film Festival 2010; Cinekid Lion, Jury Prize - Cinekid Film Festival 2010 Amsterdam; Moviesquad Cinekid Award; Cinekid Film Festival 2010 Amsterdam; Audience Award - AFI Fest 2010; Special Jury Award (shared); 41st International Film Festival of India; Hola AUNZ Film Festival (Mexico); Comedy Cluj Film Festival (Romania);
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